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  Thermoplastic custom molders  
  Below is more information involved in the steps we typically use for most projects.  We can help you with all or some of the steps.  
  prototype ideas  Step 1.  Call us to discuss your new plastic idea.  We will help design it to make it manufacturable....and redesign if necessary.        
Plastic prototypes Step 2.  We get a prototype quote for you.  If the cost is acceptable to you, we have an exact prototype made.  
Machined plastic prototype Step 3.   The above important step lets you and us test the part to make sure it is exactly what you want in both form and function.  
Step 4.  We send the drawings of the part out for mold design and quoting.  The mold manufacturers will let us know how much the mold will cost and how long it will take to make your mold.  
Molding plastic Step 5.  If the mold price is acceptable to you,  you pay a down payment on the mold and the mold makers begin their magic!  After a few weeks, we will end up with the mold to begin making sample parts for you.   
Custom plastic manufacturing Step 6.  We will request a production quantity from you so we may begin producing your parts.  
custom plastic prototypes Step 7.  We can assist you in the assembly of several parts and/or hardware if need be.  
plastic packaging Step 8.  If requested, we can package your parts for you with several options and....  
Custom molders Step 9.  Send them out as blind shipments to your distributors, retailers or ship to you.  
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